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A really common question I’m asked is “can I take too much CBD?”

Technically you can take too much of anything, even water. CBD Oil has been shown to be safe in doses up to 600mg/day. But the average user will see desired results with doses ranging from 15mg-50mg/day.

My Dosages
Last week I had a giant wave of insomnia. Normally, I just take about 2 servings of Gold Label (16 mg) before bed to help me sleep. And keep in mind 16 mg of the Gold Label in general will be more effective than 16 mg of other forms of CBD (drops, edibles, etc.)

But when severe insomnia hits me, two servings, even of the Gold Label is just not enough to get the job done. So I decided what the heck, let’s test this out because I know the worst thing that could happen is I might sleep!!

This time, I took a triple serving of the Gold Label (24 mg) and 2 of our Hemp CBD softgel capsules (30 mg), totaling approximately 54 mg of full spectrum CBD.

What happened? 
I felt my body and mind start to relax within about 30 minutes and eventually fell asleep and woke up 7 hours later. The only difference I felt was a much more calming effect. It was a stronger effect. And with CBD I never wake up groggy or tired. I wake up feeling like I had a good solid nights sleep.

For me the Gold Label helps me GET to sleep, and the softgels help me STAY asleep. I’ve had others report similar results.
I ALSO noticed my muscles were more flexible due to less inflammation. What a nice bonus surprise 🙂

Does CBD work every time?
CBD is not a cure and it doesn’t work for me every time when I have a wave of severe insomnia (view my story overcoming insomnia), but it is an excellent tool and has helped me tremendously with my sleep over all. The key is taking CBD consistently is to allow it to regulate the sleep cycle, and ideally address the root problem.

Blessings to you and your health!

Catherine Rudolph CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant

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