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Before you start using CBD oil for a better night of sleep, there are 5 things you need to know for maximum results.

1. The Biphasic Effect
CBD oil in lower doses may have an uplifting or energizing effect, while at higher doses may cause sleepiness. If you’re using CBD to help you fall asleep or stay asleep, higher doses may be more effective.

2. CBD Vapes and Tincture Drops
Vapes and drops may not be the best choices for sleep. CBD Vapes tend to be more uplifting, and tincture drops are diluted with carrier oils which may not be strong enough effect for those with sleep problems.

3. Consistency
CBD may not be as effective on an as needed basis because builds up in the system over time. It’s best to take it daily for a few weeks to let it have full effect and regulate sleep cycle.

4. Day Time Stress
For many people, day time anxiety and stress can carry over into the evening causing sleep problems. Taking CBD during the day may help keep stress and cortisol levels at bay for a better night of sleep.

5. Full Spectrum
Full spectrum CBD Oil includes all of the cannabinoids, which may be best for a good night of sleep.

I use Gold Label if I’m having trouble GETTING to sleep,  and our Hemp CBD softgel capsules  if I am having trouble STAYING asleep.

Does CBD work every time?
CBD is not a cure and it doesn’t work for me every time when I have a wave of severe insomnia (view my story overcoming insomnia), but it is an excellent tool and has helped me tremendously with my sleep over all. The key is taking CBD consistently is to allow it to regulate the sleep cycle, and ideally address the root problem.

Blessings to you and your health!

Catherine Rudolph CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant

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