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In this video I review the 3 following most common mistakes CBD users make when purchasing or getting started with CBD Oil.


1. How often you should take CBD Oil
The most common mistake by far that new CBD Oil users make it not taking CBD oil consistently. CBD oil is not a drug. It is an herb, and herbs need time to build up in the system. Some people may feel some effect right away, but for most people it can take some time. For best results you will want to take CBD Oil daily, at least one serving a day, and allow 3-4 weeks to experience full effect.

2. Comparing milligrams to milligrams
You will really want to watch the video for this one! It’s really hard to explain it any other way. But more milligrams on the label does not necessarily mean it is stronger. 5 mg of one CBD product may not have the same strength or effectiveness as 5 mg of another CBD product. Concentration is going to be one of the primary factors that will determine how strong or effective a product is going to be.

3. Considering Efficacy
Efficacy refers to the percent or amount of CBD that will actually be absorbed into your system. You can vape 3mg of CBD which will provide the highest efficacy, and potentially experience the same or better effects than a 15mg edible. So once again, you cannot rely on comparing milligrams to milligrams.

Blessings to you and your health!

Catherine Rudolph CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant

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