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Raw Tasty Drops CBD Oil – Full Spectrum (300mg)

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  • 300mg phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBDa) per 1oz/bottle
  • Full Spectrum
  • Raw (unheated) – only raw extracts contain CBDa
  • Delicious natural flavor options
  • Natural plant terpenes
  • Adjustable serving size for precise dosing
  • All-natural, vegan, kosher and gluten-free, nothing artificial
  • View Lab Results 300mg
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Why Tasty Drops?

Tasty Drops CBD are a great for on the go and those who prefer something that has a nice flavor. Keep in mind they do have added flavoring. However it is all natural with no added sugars or artificial additives.

About CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

Phytonutrient-rich hemp oil supplements are made from properly sourced, European industrial hemp plants. Extracted from the stalks and seeds, this edible oil is full of active cannabinoids and other phytonutrients produced naturally by these plants.

Made with non-psychoactive constituents of the hemp plant. Cannabinoids interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, located all throughout our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is believed to be responsible for various biological processes, with an overall goal of homeostasis.

Ingredients (Spearmint, Vanilla, Berry):
Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Oil Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic and Natural Flavors*, MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Terpenes, Stevia*.
Ingredients (Natural Unflavored):
Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Terpenes.

​Servings – How To Use Tasty Drops

A serving of 30 drops will provide approximately 7.5 mg of CBD. Each 1 oz bottle contains approximately 47 servings. But keep in mind while a 30 drops serving size may be perfect for some people, it’s important to understand that everybody is different. There is no set, standard serving size for hemp oil – so we encourage you experiment to find your best regimen. You may find that you need to take more to start, letting it build up in your system, and then can gradually reduce that amount. Or if you’ve taken hemp oil supplements before or feel it’s working well, you may choose to reduce the serving to conserve product while maintaining the same results.


*FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. This product does contain a naturally occurring trace amount of THC from legally imported Hemp Oil.


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Spearmint, Berry, Vanilla, Unflavored

3 reviews for Raw Tasty Drops CBD Oil – Full Spectrum (300mg)

  1. Kate (verified owner)

    Hey Catherine! The Tasty Drops have taken away my night terrors. I would say they for sure calm my mind at night. My husbands anxiety is way better too. We are believers!

  2. Tammy (verified owner)

    I was taking bp medic. for a few years, and six months ago decided to try the Tasty Drops. Not only is my bp back to normal, but I’m finding other added benefits like I don’t lose gobs of hair anymore and my nails are stronger! I feel great!

  3. Debbie

    I began using the drops this summer as an experiment to see if they really work. After about two weeks I noticed I was sleeping much better and the leg and feet cramps that I have suffered with had almost totally stopped. After watching Catherine’s videos, I stepped it up and ordered the Gold Label. Another few weeks later I had been relieved from the sciatica pain in my lower back and leg and I was able to bend over. I also noticed I had been relieved from the pinched nerve pain. During this time I started decreasing the medications I was on for these conditions and have stopped them. I can walk pain free. I am a believer in CBD oil. I use the Gold Label at night and the Tasty Drops for daytime. I thought I may have to retire from my job early but now I believe I will be able to continue working until my full retirement age and maybe even after. This is a great product.

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