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Verified CBD Hemp Oil Reviews

“Hey Catherine! The Tasty Drops are for my husband and I. They have taken away my night terrors. I have PTSD and I would say they for sure calm my mind at night. My husbands anxiety is way better too. We are believers!”

Kate T. purchased Tasty Drops

“I live in Denver and can step out my door and buy CBD oil and powder at the three stores within a 2-3 minute walk.
But your product is far superior. For the last two nights I’ve taken the rice sized Gold doses before bed and it has decreased the pain significantly. The best part is I don’t need to poison myself with opiates.”
When I asked Sean if I can share this he replied “Please do, it could help people in Denver from being ripped off by inferior CBD products. It’s a big sham”

Sean H. From Denver. purchased Gold Label Concentrate

Initially I started my journey several months ago to heal thy self through Food That Heal You! My goal was to get off Cymbalta for my chronic bone pain. Along with the 21-day Detox Program and eating clean thereafter, I added CBD to deal with not only my inflamation, but also my cravings, (classisc stress eater here!) and any withdrawl symptoms from my Cymbalta wean. At one point I was taking 60 mg of Cymbalta daily, enduring miserable side effects while still experiencing joint pain. Today, I am down to 10 mg daily and anticipate being off Cymbalta for good in just a few more week and practically painfree, all while having joint reconstruction surgery to my right thumb and wrist just 18 days ago. I did not take one narcotic post-op, only Toradol for 48 hrs before the stomach pains from same made be rely soley on my CBD gold and vape shot.  Currently taking only one serving of Gold twice a day!! Too good not too share!!

Stacy S. purchased Gold Label Concentrate and Vape Shot Kit

“My name is Sherry and I started using the CBD paste 7 days ago. The first night I used it my fibromyalgia pain was at about an 8. I was feeling very desperate for relief. 30 minutes after taking the CBD my pain went down to about a 6 and I was very relaxed. I slept straight through the night for 7 hours. That’s unheard of with me! I didn’t feel stiff when I was getting out of bed and my pain was at about a 4. I’ve been taking it every night at the same time for the past week.

My energy level is better, my pain is around 2 to 3 and I have been more active than I have been in the past year in one week’s time! I was a little skeptical to think this would help because I have tried so many things that were supposed to “help.”

I am now a believer and I am telling everyone I know that has chronic pain to try this. My husband and I are both amazed that this little bit of CBD I take every night can do this much! My goal now is to try and get off these medications that I am on for pain that have never helped and are toxic to my body.”

Sherry purchased Pure Oil Concentrates

“Last night I received the products I ordered and my wife only used the vape product and excellent results were obtained. She was able to sleep all night, when for many months (since last fusion surgery) she only had 2 to 3 hours of sleep at night. Today she started using the concentrated gold oil. We all are excited, hoping to continue getting better results.”

Jorge purchased Vape Shot Kit

“Previously used Zilis CBD drops. Very expensive (but very tasty). Honestly did not feel enough relief to justify ever purchasing this product again.  The Zilis topical rub was effective but took a bit of time before I felt relief. Again, very expensive.
Switched to Gold Label concentrate. (Side Note: Tastes awful, recommend chasing it with something more flavorful than water like orange juice).  Gold Label is perfect for getting me through the day.  Was taking a prescription anti-inflammatory during the day but have now replaced this with the Gold Label.
The cooling rub is very effective and goes a long way.  Noticed relief in half the time over the Zilis rub. Highly recommend Gold Label and Cooling Muscle Rub”.
Jenny C. purchased Gold Label CBD and Cooling Muscle Rub CBD

“I’ve been using the green label for awhile now and find it very helpful. I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful the supplement has been for several of my autoimmune issues and I am so thankful to have found you!”

Lesa L. purchased Raw Green Label Concentrate

I’ve had 3 back surgeries and so dealing with back pain is normal for me. They have no idea why my leg muscles contract. It used to wake me up in the middle of the night and my leg would be as stiff as a board.

Also, after my last surgery I have insomnia. I take the gold concentrate at night and vape during the day. Only occasional contractions which is amazing. The IBS is finally under control. I had a thermo-image done of my intestinal area and it was bright red with all the inflammation.

I believe the CBD is dealing with all that inflammation. I researched CBD oil but was very skeptical of what people were selling. After watching Catherine’s videos and reading the information on her website I felt that she was both honest and trustworthy. She has always been very helpful.

Mark B. purchased Gold Label Concentrate and Vape Shot Kit

“I can NOT believe how well I slept last night!!!! I put the hemp oil gold paste under my tongue. It sneaks up on you! Hahaha. I haven’t slept that good in a long time.

I have a Fitbit and it tracks how well I sleep. I’ve been tracking it for a few weeks and it always show my poor sleeping patterns except last night!

Thank you so much for helping me!”

Susan M. purchased Gold Label Concentrate

After a couple of weeks, I’ve experienced a whole new outlook, change in sleep patterns and overall health.
So much so, I’ve ordered the gold for my sister, my husband and a Refill for myself.
I suffer with severe anxiety and depression (medically diagnosed).  I’ve also been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and Epstein Barre in the past.  Short story- I’ve tried everything and it’s been a long journey.
I’ve kept to my medical regimen and have added the gold to my daily dosing.
I’ve noticed:
Less Cystic Acne (I’m 40 and the doctor says my hormones are out of whack)
Haven’t thrown up (typically I throw up every morning for the past 5 years due to anxiety)
Solid sleep (according to FitBit I am averaging 2+ hours more – close to 7.5 hours)
Less social anxiety (I did so much this weekend socially that I didn’t even noticed until last night)
I knew it was working in the first few days.  I first noticed ‘wow my jaw doesn’t hurt and I’m not clenching’ – pretty cool.
9 healthy bowel movements in 3 days.  I’m usually either constipated or experience diarrhea.  So this was very much welcomed.
Christina B. purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“Thanks again.  Finding you and your videos has changed my life.  I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 8 years and CBD has saved me.  I’m a true believer.”

Tracey H. purchased  Gold Label Concentrate and Vape Shot Kit

“Hi Catherine! I just wanted to thank you for your YouTube videos that lead me to try CBD Oil. I have already benefited tremendously and referred two friends and my Mom to place orders with you. I no longer wake with anxiety and racing thoughts.

I have slept 8 hours straight for the the first time in years. And most amazing it has greatly reduced the nerve pain I have from an accident that resulted in a severed Achilles and Tibilia nerve. The Achilles healed after surgery but the never pain has been maddening. Until CBD oil. So thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

Andrea purchased Vape Shot Kit

“Hi there, I used the vape twice a day for few  weeks then once a day and my planters fasciitis is 95% gone..i have dealt with it for 3.5 years with meds from doc,chrio ,foot braces, home therapys,etc.you name it i tried it.and all the gimmicks too.  it really gave my life back to walk normal again….
2nd the Blue for sleep is amazing
oh……and my mom who is 81yrs old..has been vaping also months..at first every few hours for couple weeks and now 2 to 3 times a day as needed…first time in years she had over 30 perscript pain meds left over for the month and always runs out and needing more…meds for arthritis…

Ann purchased Vape Shot Kit and Blue Label Concentrate

“Hi Catherine, My daughter has had epilepsy for 16 years now. She was on several toxic medications to control them. I bought your vape kit for her and she has been using it for 6 months now. She is completely off all seizure meds and completely seizure free! I’m so glad I found your videos. Thank you so much!”

Rosemarie purchased Vape Shot Kit 

“Personal testimony here. Over the past few years I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve tried all the conventional methods, as well have done the detox. The detox I can say has always made me feel physically better, I just always still had that deep nagging super down feeling. I used to always say please just give me a miracle pill to take because I can’t figure out what is wrong with my mental state I was feeling. If you’ve ever felt down and wish you could get it straightened out, you likely can relate to what I’m saying. Depression is hard to get a grip on. Anyway, long story short and I’m happy to talk to anyone who would like to talk to me about it, but I decided to give the tasty drops a try. I’ve been using them each evening now for awhile before I got to bed by putting 9 drops under my tongue. It has made such a difference in my mood. I can’t explain it, and really I won’t try, I’m just thankful. So, basically, this is that pill a day I wish someone would give me. I was skeptical for so long, I know Catherine personally as a wonderful dear friend. You’d think I would have listened a long time ago. I’m just one of those people who just don’t want to take anything at all and want the problem to go away by eating well. I wish I’d listened to her sooner. She mentioned it to me so long ago, and I just never thought it would work. The problem with depression is it makes you doubt everything, and can take over all areas of your life. If you feel that way, stop isolating, ask everyone what to do and listen to your friends (wish I had sooner) and give the tasty drops a try and start your own test to see what it does with your mood. I think you’ll come away pretty pleasantly surprised. ❤️

Pamela purchased Tasty Drops

Ok so I wanted to wait until I had used the gold label for two weeks to share this. Today is my two weeks.
A little background on me …I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in the 1980s ( now known as fibromyalgia) my flares were controlled with massage and stress management techniques, but as I got older (53)my flares are more intense and more often. In the early 1990s I was diagnosed with essential tremors, 2007 a car accident left me with whiplash scarring throughout my spine, degenerative disc in the neck and lower back, and in 2016 the joint pain, liver, kidney issues due to advanced black mold poisoning came into play. I live with chronic pain daily.
I started vaping about a year ago and notice immediately my tremors stopped and my sleep was better, the pain was still present but easing.
Now after two weeks of the gold label at night and vaping in the morning I am sleeping deeply and longer, I have tightness in my muscles and fatigue but NO PAIN!!! Even after my 10, 11, 13, and 8 hour work week.
I have also found using the CBD salve on my feet (top and bottom) and up my shin and calf has eliminated my restless leg syndrome.
In the beginning I have to be honest I was very hesitant but now gold label is my best friend.

Julie S. purchased Vape Shot Kit and Gold Label

“I have Crohns colitis. I’m using two rx to stop the symptoms of cramping with severe pain like shards of glass in my gut, and runs, 4 x’s a day. I bought the Gold syringe 3 grams full spectrum. I used it 4 x’s a day to start. By day 12, I was only using Gold syringe 4 x’s a day. No more prescription drugs. I was very excited to think I may have found healing. Day 14 I ran out. All my symptoms came back. This proves it works. I bought some more and am starting to feel better again. I’m convinced. Catherine’s got a superior product. Thank heaven for relief! Hope this helps.”.

Leah purchased Gold Label

“Several months ago I started having severe anxiety attacks, you know the kind that keep you awake at night, it keeps you from focusing and concentrating, it stops you from moving forward and won’t allow you to go in reverse but it will allow you to remain motionless and stationary developing a fear because you’re always thinking about the worse what if… and if I make this decision this could happen. As a result, my already high blood pressure shot way out of control. And yes, I did make an appointment to see my primary physician because I felt like I had lost my ability to function in my daily life. So, he not only increased my blood pressure medicine, he also changed the prescription. And, of course prescribed me a strong anti depressant to control the anxiety and said I was under a lot of stress and he would see me in 3 mos.  

Seriously, well I could have told him I had been under an extreme amount of stress; wait, this was the first thing I said to him when he asked how I was doing. So, off I went, reluctantly, to pick up prescriptions which had been electronically sent to my local pharmacist. Isn’t technology  wonderful?
After returning home, I decided to do a little research about my new meds before consumption. I soon realized the side effects of these meds were much worse than what I was already experiencing. 
This is when I started to take matters into my own hands and, believe me when I say, this was No Easy Task considering I was fighting myself everyday just to get out of bed. I knew that I did not want any more pharmaceutical drugs. I just wanted to feel better, like my old self again, and I did not want the worry about negative side effects during the process. So, I started googling, and googling, and then I googled some more. 
And just when I was about to give up and give in to just accepting this would be my life, because I was NOT going to take the newly prescribed drugs from my physician, lo and behold, I found Catherine Rudolph on a Youtube video talking about CBD oil. I’d never heard of this and she was talking about Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate & Isolate being the free part of the apple.  I’m a visual learner first and foremost…and she had videos about all of her products ranging from how to use them to what what they’re used for used. And the most amazing thing, if I emailed her with a question she responded almost immediately every single time! 
My thought, why not give this stuff a try…it’s all plant based and I can’t feel any worse by trying something that’s all plant based! This review is a long time coming. I tried my first Gold Concentrate Label in July 2018. My blood pressure has decreased tremendously, my anxiety has diminished, although I’m not back to my old self again; I’m actually better!!! I have a better handle on my life and in life like I’ve never had before. 
I am Thankful for Ms. Catherine Rudolph this Thanksgiving 2018. Thank you for all that you do for people like me. I’m sure no one cares one way or the other, but I am 56 years old today, 11/22; I have a 40 year old daughter whose a principal of a high school in California, I have a 34 year old daughter who has journalism degree who is a creative and talented artist who performs poetry all over the country, I have a 17 year old grandson who has a love for music and creates beautiful music and lastly, but not least, a brilliant 9 year old son who wants to be a scientist/inventor who can fix just about anything that’s broken in my house; and there’s something green and slimy looking growing in a jar in his laboratory (aka the guest bathroom), and I have the  most beautiful supportive husband in the universe.
It bears worth repeating, this review is a long time coming!
Many Many Thanks Catherine”
Christel purchased Gold Label

“Here in Mass, we just had another Marijuana dispensary open on Saturday to any one 21 years old. Medical, CBD, Personal use. I broke past my barriers to experience this great happening. I got some vape and tinctures. They still did not kill my pain as fast of complete as Catherines. This was actual CBD oil of highest quality and cost, plus 20% tax, and $2.50 debit card machine use. The third alternative to Catherines I’ve tried and only Catherines knocks out that miserable sciatic pain. I need not go back to the state pot dispensary again. Just hope my vape order gets here quick from FTHY!!”

Debby M. purchased Vape Shot Kit

“I just cannot believe what cbd has done for 
My blood pressure. I have been vaping very faithfully for about three months. I am down to a quarter of my blood pressure medicine. I’m certain tomorrow will probably be it and I will be off it all together. You have no idea the “natural” products I have bought over the years trying to lower it naturally and nothing has ever worked. What’s even better is I did not start cbd with hopes of lowering my BP. I didn’t even know it could do that! Anxiety- gone. Insomnia- gone. High blood pressure- gone. 😀 I’m just grateful.”

Tricia O. purchased Vape Shot Kit

“There’s no one I trust more with my nutrition, health, and organic product questions than Catherine Rudolph. She truly cares for her clients and customers and always goes above and beyond to help people. Thanks for the great products and all that you do, Catherine!”

Michael from Virginia

“Getting good results from CBD oil. Anxiety better. Knee and back pain better.”

Barb F.  purchased Gold Label Concentrate

Recently I started doing research about CBD’s and came across Catherine’s site and excellent teaching videos. She was very responsive to my questions and super helpful.

I ordered some CBD paste and gave it to Jared and the results were AMAZING. Jared said he felt no pain and the muscle that are usually knotted up were relaxed. I have to agree with him as I saw a total change in that man since taking it.

He was able to sleep all night long, he was energetic and happy and doing things he normally could not do without experiencing mass amounts of pain.

It was great to be able to see the real man I love experience some true relief from this chronic and constant pain and not be on any of his pain pills or anti-inflammatories.

We are now super firm believers in the powers of CBD and highly recommend people learn about it and give it at try!

We also highly recommend Catherine to all our friends and family and to you!”

Melissa purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“Hi Catherine: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the introduction to CBD Gold and Oceans Alive. I’ve been enjoying both. I know they are working powerfully in my system and I do feel more relaxed and energized at the same time.

It’s truly amazing to me how such a small, rice-grain-sized amount of the CBD does such big things. Truly, a little goes a long way. Thanks again for all you do to help keep us healthy.”

Mark purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“Since I started taking the CBD oil (drops), I have been sleeping more soundly, usually through the night. If I do wake up, I drift off to sleep very quickly. It has also helped with my anxiety. I am super pleased with the results! Thanks!”

Erin T. purchased Tasty Drops and CBD Vape Liquid 500mg

“The CBD vape oil has worked wonders for me with my psoriasis!! Within a week of vaping and CBD lotion, my hands had no scaly thick skin. I’m continuing to improve daily!! Thanks Catherine for your help every step of the way!!”

Cathy P. purchased CBD Vape Liquid 500mg and CBD Salve

“The Gold Label has been great for me. Just before bed I’ve been taking a single dose and I haven’t slept this good in years. It seem as the days go on It seem anxiety has improve.. Great product, I will continue to use in the future!” Vincent purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“I began using the vape about two months ago after a strong fibro bout. I was hesitant at first, but desperate.
Instantly I noticed my essential tremors stopped, I woke up the next day with less anxiety and stiffness. After about two weeks I realized I was not coming home in severe pain in my back.

My breathing from lung lesion (black mold effect) and my eye sight ( also mold poisoning) are still improving. No more coughing at night (mold) and for the first time in my entire life (for real ) I am able to sleep solidly for 3-5hr (normally only 2). Once I forgot it and the next day I paid for it. Stiffness upon rising and pain by the days end. I highly recommend speaking with Catherine on which type would work for you. I don’t recommend trying without proper assistance.”

Julie S. purchased Vape Shot Kit

“Gold label has completely changed my life! I suffer from panic disorder & this product has actually stopped my panic attacks.

Gold label has lessened my pain & anxiety tremendously! I also recommend the vape shot kit for even quicker anxiety relief. My body just feels healthier after using these products, I highly recommend them, especially for chronic pain sufferers.”

Melissa M. purchased Vape Shot Kit

“FYI, I meet with my acute care nurse practitioner wed. with my heart condition and told her about getting on CBD, she wanted to know right away who I brought from, I told her Green Roads for oil but I wish I had found Foods That Heal You,  would have rather order from you because of you but I had ordered the vape pen kit. She said, she was very similar with you and supported you along with Charlotte’s Web. She is very supported of using CBD oil and is willing to share all that she knows that’s why she likes you. So that makes you my go to  top trust person, thank you so much for all that you have shared of your personal life, bless you, and always remember when you look in your mirror to smile..”

Steven B. purchased  Vape Shot Kit

“I had pneumonia all of April severe pneumonia where I could have died. I did not want to go to the hospital because of more germs. I happen to have your Blue Label CBD paste and that opened up my lungs where I could breathe even better than breathing treatments or inhalers.  thank you very much”

Shana M. purchased Blue Label Concentrate

“I am a 66 year old very avid golfer who just started my CBD regimen this past Monday. For the last 6 months the stenosis in my C3-C7 brought me to the point of contacting a surgeon to get my nerve canals ‘reamed out’ after golf season. I don’t want to shout hooray prematurely, but believe it or not, after 6 month of chronic pain, I am sitting here writing you this memo NEAR PAIN FREE.

I VAPE three times a day (morning, noon, and at Night) and take the gold concentrate at night.


“I have horrid arthritis and the docs want to cut me open and kill me like they did to husband in 2012 and then mom in 2013  Cannibus heals and how I wish my loved ones knew about CBD! I’ve searched high and low for the best grade CBD and I admire your work and passion for health. I can feel you honestly care about your products and customers. I look forward to being a returning customer! More excited to try your goodies 
Mabel is a 3 year old Rex guniea pig and for 2 years of her life the vets wanted to keep her on meds for her reoccurring blood clots she passes. She’ll have no energy, won’t eat and looks like she’s inches from death. I thought if CBD is natural and good for me, why wouldn’t it do the same for Mabel so I gave her 1 drop of the CBD oil I had and within minutes her posture changed and she relaxed and laid down! A few minutes later, she was hungry and ate for 30 minutes straight through!!! She’s been resting normally and is finally putting weight back on and she’s been running and jumping around like a healthy young piggie. I don’t know if it will heal her issue but it’s not hurting and helping my baby girl to be comfortable again. Personally, I had horrid knee pain. It was so bad I walked like I had a wooden leg. Docs claim they have to cut my leg open and remove a clot. I don’t have a clot and I don’t want to poison my body with medication….lol….why do they always want to cut ya open!!! Since on what few CBD products I can find, the knee pain has settled, I walk more normal now and I think I’m losing weight!! Now if CBD can just calm down these hot flashes 
Sorry for sharing so much Catherine. I’m very excited to try your products. So is Mabel♡ Thank you very much!!!

Customer from California purchased Vape Shot Kit , Gold Label Concentrate, and Tasty Drops

“Hey all! I recently tried the CBD muscle salve and I wanted to share my experience with you.
I must admit I’m a skeptic. I’m a scientist by training, and specifically I’m trained in a lot of bioscience, so I have quite a respect for modern medicine and everything it can do. That being said, I do think that doctors tend to push meds a bit too hard, and there is something to be said for natural solutions.
I currently work on my feet for several hours a day, as well as teach fitness classes throughout the week, so sore feet and muscles were just part of life. Then Catherine brought this CBD salve to my attention and I figured it would be better than taking a daily dose of Advil to deal with the pain.
So, of course, I tested it. I used it only on my left foot and calf for a week. And to test whether the actual act of massaging it in was affecting anything, I massaged my right foot and calf with plain coconut oil.
I’ve definitely experienced a noticeable difference in my pain level, and I think it’s effect is increasing with time. It’s not an immediate miracle relief, but it definitely helps. I’ll be using it on both sides from now on haha”

Rachel purchased CBD Salve

“As I lay here I’m almost in tears. This last month has been horrible for pain. I have had to have my mother in law clean my house and do my laundry. I wasn’t making dinner cause I couldn’t stand long enough and my brain just couldn’t handle trying to figure out something for dinner and shopping made me flare so bad. Eating out was kind of our only option. Which, I know, was making the whole cycle worse! But I couldn’t help it. I tried folding clothes and rubbing against my skin made my skin feel like it was peeling off, like the clothes had razors in them. Well, I found CBD Sunday night online and ordered it on Tuesday morning. It came yesterday morning and I can’t believe the relief I’m already feeling. This morning I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I also did all of our laundry. I’m taking a break now, so I don’t overdo it. But I am shocked and so grateful! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be without my Gold and Vape again!!! I’m so grateful for the help and all the education I’ve received this week!”

Natalie purchased Vape Shot Kit , Gold Label Concentrate

I am a new customer of yours, very happy so far, I like your product and you present yourself in a way that makes me want to come back. A little history about me, I have had Ulcerative Colitis for the vast majority of my adult life and I am 38 now. It has been a long and frustrating journey, many supplements, many drugs and now surgeries. I heard about CBD and looked it up online, came across your youtube videos and ordered the Gold version. Prior to ordering from you I went down to the local CBD shop and purchased a tincture. There has been a very good improvement in my symptoms, I am not cured by any means, but an undeniably improvement. I hope that this product will continue to work for years to come, my past experience with medications and supplements is that some do provide therapeutic relief for a short period and then just stop working. The way that CBD has improved my symptoms is different then with other medications and I am hoping that this is the medicine that I need for the long run.”

Jeff purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“Hi Catherine this is Mike
I’m the guy with the sleeping problem and Lyme disease. Just want to thank you. The gold gel CBD is working great. Sleeping like a baby! It’s crazy! I can’t remember the last time I had this much energy!”

Mike W. purchased Gold Label Concentrate

“I purchased the tasty drops the end of September. I have had two back surgeries this year and I have also been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. The surgeries along with the osteo left me with chronic back pain. I could not sleep because of the pain. The doctors prescribed opioid pain meds. I discussed using CBD oil with my Orthopedic doctor before I ordered them. She did not have a problem with me trying them. She has been interested in my progress with them. Since starting the CBD tasty drops, I have been able to come off of the pain meds. My sleep patterns are still a little erratic. I want to sleep during the day and stay awake at night. I am not totally pain free yet, but the pain is about a 2 compared to the 10+ it was. I can now move about more than I could just two weeks ago. This past Saturday, I walked a mile for the first time in nine months. I did use my rolling walker for balance, but this is very encouraging for me. I was doing 5k’s (at least one a month)prior to my surgeries. I will recommend to anyone who is dealing with chronic pain, to at least try them. Do your research so you will know what you are ordering. I will continue to use them in an effort to get my sleep patterns regulated. Keep moving forward.”

Vickie O. purchased Tasty Drops CBD

 “I’ve been telling everyone I know about how CBD has benefited me. I started vaping about a month and a half ago then I added the gold about 3 weeks ago. After watching Catherine’s videos I learned what dosage was best for me and I am seeing results! My fibromyalgia pain has lessened tremendously. My anxiety is so much better. I’ve even lost a little weight! I’m so happy to have found this product.”

Christina M. purchased  Gold Label Concentrate and Vape Shot Kit

 “I have been using these products for one and a half months and found myself more calm and relaxed to face everyday stresses.  It’s like I have control again of all my anxiety without the overwhelming feeling of all not being able to get things done.  It worked immediately for me 4 drops of tasty drops under my tongue in the morning and a rice size dose of the gold label under my tongue before bed.  I also have eczema on my hands and using these products helps alleviate my itching along with my non-steroidal skin lotion (Cetaphyl lotion for eczema).  Having anxiety and stress tends to flare up my eczema and by using the two CBD products I am amazed at the help I get.  I did also buy the CBD salve to apply to my hands and I’m not seeing or feeling any significant difference from using this topical product for my eczema condition. I will continue my regimen of the drops and gold label since I find that this provides more relief from my conditions.

Joy J. purchased  Gold Label Concentrate and Tasty Drops CBD

“I started using, well buying, cbd last spring. Perimenopause hit me like a ton of bricks bringing with it awful anxiety. This accompanied by the fact that I have woken every single day with a headache for the last 10 years and now battling insomnia, I was desperate to find something. Over the past year I have bought many brands of cbd. I have tried many kinds of cbd. I have tried many strengths of cbd. Some helped a little, but not enough to continue. Some did absolutely nothing. Some helped a lot but would bother my stomach. ( I also have GERD and EVERYTHING lights it up.). I was just about to quit when I watched one of Catherine’s videos on YouTube. The only method I hadn’t tried at that point was vaping. I wanted to try it but kept reading about all the chemicals in vaping. But here was Catherine talking about how her vape products didn’t have any of these chemicals. So I thought why not? It was the best decision I ever made. I also want to add that it didn’t happen over night. It took me a couple of weeks or more to get it right. I now vape 3 puffs, 3 times a day. I do inhale it into my lungs. I tried just blowing it back out and that just didn’t work for me. I also take the gold paste once a day. I am actually experimenting putting it in my belly button, hoping to once again bypass my stomach. So far so good. I no longer wake with headaches. Maybe once in a great while. I am averaging 7-8 hours of sleep at night. ( I was only getting 3 ) My hot flashes are gone, anxiety 90% better, and an ankle and knee issue I have had for years has disappeared. I’m still patiently waiting for my GERD to improve. I believe with improved diet and the cbd it will.
I just wanted to give my “testimony” Incase it would possibly help someone else or encourage someone else. I think cbd is a little difficult to figure out, and I can see where people give up. But don’t! It has taken me almost a year.”

Tricia O. purchased Vape Shot Starter Kit and  Gold Label

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