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CBD Vape Shot (Vape Pen Starter Kit)

(16 customer reviews)


Per the PACT Act we can no longer ship Vape Products. Compliance has been updated to include non-tobacco vape products with the December 2020 Covid Stimulus Provision. In order to continue selling CBD vape products, Foods That Heal You would have to find a non-standard package carrier service (USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex will no longer ship vape product) and file extensive customer data monthly with the ATF.

  • Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD, Plant Terpenes
  • No THC, No PG, No Nicotine, nothing artificial
  • Everything you need to start vaping CBD!
  • Case, charger, battery, and prefilled cartridge (everything you need to get started!)
  • Potent 250 mg CBD ceramic wickless cartridge (200-350 puffs per cartridge may vary per person)
  • High efficacy (absorption rate)
  • High-performance battery, CCELL hardware is capable of providing high-vaporizing efficiency, even heat distribution, steady and consistent vapor, and powerful potency. (battery cannot be sold separately)
  • Mint, CItrus, Kush (unflavored earthy taste)
  • View Lab Results (COA)


Introducing the easiest, all-natural way to vape!

Each cartridge/tank is pre-filled with 250mg CBD in an all natural flavor, with an MCT oil base. They are designed for one time use with a tight seal for a better vaping experience, therefore they are not refillable.

  • No Nicotine
  • No PG or VG
  • THC Free

Each 1ml CBD vape cartridge has 250mg CBD. Servings per cartridge will vary per person. We recommend a 3 second draw. You can expect approximately 200-350 puffs out of a single cartridge —which will last about a month or more for most people.You can start with 3 puffs once or twice a day and increase as needed. Be careful not to take more than 3 puffs in a row to avoid burning out the coil.

This is the highest strength single-use cartridge that we offer. It’s 5x as strong as the competition. Alternate Vape, the all-natural CBD vape oil cartridge that’s ready-to-go right out of the box. This is a calming and relaxing new way to enjoy the vape experience and a tasty way to incorporate CBD hemp oil into your daily life.

Every single ingredient in Alternate Vape was chosen for its touted benefits and ability to play synergistically with each other.
Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes

Enjoy the power of cannabis, without the high.
CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Fortunately, it can be found in great quantities in hemp oil! This means we can craft our oil from hemp instead of marijuana, allowing us to make a THC-free CBD e-liquid, legal in all 50 states.

Terpenes, which make up 100% of these amazing flavors, are natural compounds found in essential oils of plants. Did you know, terpenes have been studied for similar reasons as CBD? That’s why researchers believe they have a strong synergy, known popularly as the Entourage Effect.
All plants have terpenes! That’s right, even the one sitting on your patio. Terpenes give plants their unique scent, and sometimes even their color. We all know the power of essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy and other natural remedies.

MCT (coconut) oil is a highly praised product in the beauty and health industry. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t contain coconut oil. This is awesome to see, and thanks to our talented hemp formulators, we’ve brought it into the CBD e-liquid industry to completely replace the PG/VG. That’s great news for anyone looking to vape CBD oil with all-natural ingredients.

How to use CBD Vape-Oil Cartridge?
The Alternate Vape CBD Vape Shot is a powerful, pre-filled CBD cartridge. Simply twist it onto your compatible battery and vape anytime throughout your day.
There are no complicated buttons or adjustments to make; it’s fully automatic.
When you finish the tank, dispose of it and order a new one —but keep the battery so you can use it with your next tank. 

Charging Your Battery
We recommend charging your battery regularly to ensure the best experience. Ensure your battery is fully charged by regularly charging it after use.

Light Indications:
• When the battery is low, the light tip will flash 10 times indicating a charge is needed. Please note: when the battery is fully exhausted the light tip will no longer illuminate.
• The light tip will light up when the device is charging and will remain illuminated during charging.
• When the device is fully charged, the light tip will flash 10 times indicating a full charge has been reached. The light tip will then turn off. If the battery is plugged in to an active USB port and the light tip is not lit, it is fully charged.

How do I know when my battery is getting low and needs to be recharged?
• The light tip on the battery will flash when your battery has been depleted.

How do I know the battery is charged?
• The halo at the end of the device will light up, and remain lit, while the device is charging. Once the device has finished charging, the light tip will pulse 10 times indicating a full charge has been reached, and then the pulsing will stop.

How long will the battery last?
It depends how long and how often you use it. A Liquid 6 battery will usually provide enough energy to vape a half of our 1ml cartridge on a single charge.

A typical Li-ion battery will lose 20% of its capacity after 300 full cycles. It will continue to supply the same power but will not last as long between charges.

Additional Battery Information
• Our vape cartridges should not be vaped at a voltage higher than 3.9. Our vape oil has an MCT (coconut) oil base, which will burn at a higher voltage.
• The vape shot battery is a high quality Jupiter Ccell, 510 thread size, 3.9V. It is designed to deliver the highest vapor volume without compromising the flavor or efficacy.
• If you would like to use their own battery, we cannot guarantee compatibility due to the large variety and quality variations of batteries on the market.
• We do recommend starting with the vape shot kit to ensure the highest quality vaping experience without the frustration of compatibility issues.



*FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Additional information


Mint, Citrus, Kush

16 reviews for CBD Vape Shot (Vape Pen Starter Kit)

  1. Leroy Montejano

    Hello Ms. Rudolph, C.N.C.,

    Am I thrilled or what? My new Vape Shot is exactly what I’ve been searching for. It works exactly as you said it would. In less than 24 hours, my Anxety and breathing problems have subsided. I’m going to tell my son in law and others about you and your products. Many thanks to you. I will be ordering more product very soon too! Thank you again, Leroy Montejano / Nevada.

  2. Hammer (verified owner)

    So far, It seems to be helping me to relax & sleep – when – Sometimes my back is so flared up i cant sleep. I have now tried this vape & it appears to help me relax (& perhaps get to sleep sooner) … I will be using it again, in times of need, to see if it keeps working…thanks.

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    The vape is amazing!! I use CBD helped practically instantly. Catherine’s video are so helpful, especially since I’m a newbie to ask of this. EXCELLENT customer service and fast response time.

  4. staceyjane1210 (verified owner)

    I really can’t believe that this stuff actually helps my back / hip. I was a total sceptic and thoroughly expected this to be just a waste…Wrong! I have been using it for 2 full days and doing great. And I can’t say enough about Catherine. She is the best. I have had a couple of concerns and she got with me immediately and answered my concerns. I will always get my CBD from Catherine. Thnx

  5. Bernadette (verified owner)

    I use the mint vape pen. The vape pen actually calms my GI down and calms my nausea.

  6. Izael (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the the vape shot citrus flavor for about a month now. I work out at the gym and train in Mauy Thai throughout the week and I’ve noticed the vape shot has been helping me a lot with my discomfort. Also I work the graveyard shift so sleep can be challenging and again the cbd has been a big difference with better quality sleep. The main thing that’s impressed me the most about the oil is that it’s been really calming and that was the main reason why I looked into it in the first place. So I’m thankful and a satisfied customer.

  7. Ardee (verified owner)

    I have recommended Catherine’s Foods That Heal You CBD online store to many because not only did my vape pen help me but Catherine’s email support for my questions has been excellent. Even when there was a change in supply pens, she gave everyone plenty of notice & worked with me since I had an order already in. She has a genuine heart to help everyone have a successful experience!

  8. Mitrah (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Vape Shot Starter Kit after doing some research online and trying other types of pens that I have not been satisfied with. I loved that everything I needed was included, and it was so easy to use. The one that I had before uses crumble and has a chamber I have to fill it with, it was just frustrating and messy to work with. I love that this one has cartridges so I don’t have to deal with any wax. I got the citrus, and the flavor is great. I also really like that Foods That Heal You uses natural terpenes for flavoring vs. anything artificial or PG/VG. The inclusion of the MCT oil was a nice bonus too. And, last but not least, the CBD itself is super effective. So glad I finally found a vape pen that works for me!

  9. Judi (verified owner)

    I purchased the starter pack and a 3 pack of CBD Vape. I loved the vape pen. There are no buttons to push. You just inhale and enjoy. I like having the option of the three different vape cartridges to try. I like that they keep their liquidity and are ready to go as soon as you pick up the pen and inhale. Good products!

  10. Donna (verified owner)

    I just purchased the vaping system and I love it. It is portable and is always ready for on the go. I have a chronic illness. Vaping helps to calm me. Another benefit of vaping for me is that It relaxes me. I bought the entire vaping kit and it’s a winner.

  11. Ray (verified owner)

    When I first decided to give CBD oils a try, I thoroughly researched the internet for several weeks before making my decision. I was looking for quality products that were reasonably priced. I ultimately decided to purchase from Cathrine at Foods that Heal You, and have been a repeat customer ever since. I’ve purchased vape kits, and multiple kinds of her CBD oils. Everything that I’ve tried has been excellent quality, and even though I’ve tried other CBD oil products from other sources, I have yet to find anything that’s better than the quality that Cathrine provides.

  12. Lori (verified owner)

    I swear by the vape pen. If I start to feel anxious, it’s within reach. Tastes good too.

  13. Margaret Brantley (verified owner)

    I am so impressed by the quality of this kit. It was extremely easy for me to get started using CBD with this kit and the knowledge that I obtained through Catherine’s videos. I’ve had a huge improvement since I began using the vape shot. I most certainly will be ordering more!

  14. Tricia O. (verified owner)

    I started using, well buying, cbd last spring. Perimenopause hit me like a ton of bricks. This accompanied by the fact that I have woken every single day with a headache for the last 10 years and now battling insomnia, I was desperate to find something. Over the past year I have bought many brands of cbd. I have tried many kinds of cbd. I have tried many strengths of cbd. Some helped a little, but not enough to continue. Some did absolutely nothing. Some helped a lot but would bother my stomach. ( I also have GERD and EVERYTHING lights it up.). I was just about to quit when I watched one of Catherine’s videos on YouTube. The only method I hadn’t tried at that point was vaping. I wanted to try it but kept reading about all the chemicals in vaping. But here was Catherine talking about how her vape products didn’t have any of these chemicals. So I thought why not? It was the best decision I ever made. I also want to add that it didn’t happen over night. It took me a couple of weeks or more to get it right. I now vape 3 puffs, 3 times a day. I do inhale it into my lungs. I tried just blowing it back out and that just didn’t work for me. I also take the gold paste once a day. I am actually experimenting putting it in my belly button, hoping to once again bypass my stomach. So far so good. I no longer wake with headaches. Maybe once in a great while. I am averaging 7-8 hours of sleep at night. ( I was only getting 3 ) My hot flashes are gone, anxiety 90% better, and an ankle and knee issue I have had for years has disappeared. I’m still patiently waiting for my GERD to improve. I believe with improved diet and the cbd it will.
    I just wanted to give my “testimony” I ncase it would possibly help someone else or encourage someone else. I think cbd is a little difficult to figure out, and I can see where people give up. But don’t! It has taken me almost a year.

  15. Debra Obinna (verified owner)

    After months of researching I stumbled upon Katherine’s video that went step by step explaining and demonstrating everything I wanted to know.
    I took a chance with the vape shot kit as everything is right there.
    This is my second day vaping the mint flavored CBD oil.
    This CBD oil is worth its weight in gold.
    I’ve been vaping all day! I’m vaping right now! I need to order more of the others to try as well.
    Thank you Katherine for finding your way into my life. You have a client for life.

  16. Niki (verified owner)

    Ok, I have tried different drops, even tried a nebulizer. they all worked! But the vape kit is my answer to my. I have never smoked or Vaped before so I was hesitant to do it. My son talked me into trying it and I used his, but it seemed so harsh on my throat, but I did feel better. However this kit it wonderful. I got the mint and I do not feel the harshness in my throat that I experienced on my first try. Even the nebulizer treatment leaves me with a harshness in my throat. I have watched almost every video Catherine has! Also got some of the blue concentrate for my husband. Will work up to the gold if this works. He has been taking Ambien for over 15years and I want to get him off it. Will start with the blue for a month and reduce the Ambien slowly by cutting the pills as the CBD builds in his system. He is a total skeptic as to CBD but I want to give it a try. By the way the customer service is great and shipping was very fast. A happy customer!

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