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CBD Oil, is thick solid substance in it’s pure extract form. Our pure oil concentrates are examples of  hemp derived CBD Oil in it’s most natural form. They are a very thick paste/gel like substance.
In order to make CBD Oil “Tincture Drops” or CBD Oil “Vape e-Liquid”, the pure hemp extract has to be broken down. Therefore you do not want to use Pure CBD Oil Concentrates, or CBD Oil Tinctures in e-liquid vape pens. They will clog your pen. You need to use Vape e-Liquid.
The bottles may look very similar since they are both in dropper bottles. But vape liquids should say “vape” or “e-liquid” on the label.
CBD Oil Tincture drops are mixed with carrier oils to break them down into a liquid form so they can be administered with a dropper.
CBD Oil Vape e-Liquids (often referred to as vape juice) have to be broken down, and thinned out with thinning agents , so they can be vaped without clogging vaping pens.
Unfortunately many companies are still using chemical thinning agents such as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine that are not healthy and can even cause damage to the lungs. MCT oil has quickly become the new industry standard for safe vape e-liquids.
CBD Vape e-Liquids
CBD Oil Tincture Drops

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant

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